Why An LC3 Sofa & Mirrored Walls Are The Perfect Duo For Small Living Rooms (II/II)

In the previous blog, we explained some tricks to choose the appropriate furniture for small living rooms. In addition, we mention as an example the LC3 sofa as an optimal and adaptable piece to spaces with small dimensions.

Now is the time to show you how through glass walls, it is possible to amplify the perception we have of a place. For this, let’s check this example where the designer has implemented a whole glass wall just behind a gorgeous Womb chair. As you can see, he created a simple but yet elegant reading corner. 

Source: Smow.com

Our eye is very easy to fool, and this is the goal of this design, to make you believe that there is a completely different room.

Thanks to the reflection that the mirror gives behind the Womb chair, the perception of the size of that living room changes. 

You can easily recreate this same trick at home. It is recommended that the mirrors that you are going to implement be placed behind the furniture such as the sofa or a lounge chair, so that they reflect the back of the furniture pieces and thus collaborate with the illusion that we want to create.