Why An LC3 Sofa & Mirrored Walls Are The Perfect Duo For Small Living Rooms (I/II)

When you have small living rooms, there are certain tricks that are infallible to make our perception believe that we are in the presence of a large room. Without any doubt, mirrored walls and furniture like the LC3 sofa are part of these infallible tricks. So if your main objective is to visually expand the space of your small room, check out these strategic ways to implement mirrors and furniture to play with the perception of space.

The secret is in the proportion

Surely you think that if you have a small room you should use small glasses, and the answer to this is that it is not always like that! It is possible to use several small parts as well as one large one. Both options are valid. What you should consider is that they are proportional to space and that they do not make it look crowded.

A little surefire trick is to choose minimalist or modern furniture like the LC3 sofa. This is a loveseat created under these two influential styles that are based on functionality and space optimization. This means that they cover only the necessary space while offering elegance and comfort. 

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