What’s Plywood About | 3 Accent Chairs Made Of It (I/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about what plywood was all about and we mentioned the three examples of accent plywood chairs that are perfect to include in your decoration. So now is time to show you each description of these amazing models. Let’s continue!

The Shell chair

The Shell chair is an iconic Scandivian piece made by Hans Wegner. This is a perfect representation of what plywood manages to do. Its curved design and sloping structure allow the user to adapt their body in the most comfortable and relaxing way possible. Its features not only include a built of molded plywood veneer, but also an outstanding Genuine leather padded seat and back gorgeous finish.

The DW chair

This plywood chair is a demonstration of what many attempts and simplicity as a goal can turn out to be. Eames and Ray, who were the designers behind this model, wanted to create a very elegant and simple piece that included a structure with smooth lines and curvatures that you could not possibly obtain with natural wood. The result was a chair that reflects an organic and attractive vibe.

This latest model definitely speaks for itself as it is quite dynamic and eye-catching. Its lines that simulate a wave are what make your head explode as it captivates you and makes you believe that it has a life of its own. Amazing, right?