Togo Sofa: The Model That Your Decor Project Is Needing

If you’re a modern design enthusiast and have never heard of the Togo sofa before, it must be because you’ve probably lived under a rock all this time. This unusual, curious and atypical model was born from the imagination and ingenuity of Michel Ducaroy and was presented for the first time at the Salon Des Arts Ménagers in Paris in 1973. It’s made up of three different foam densities and is made by handmade from eight different pieces of fabric.

The most striking thing about the Togo sofa is undoubtedly its shape and structure, which some have compared to a bent tube of toothpaste; however, it has been precisely the originality of that shape that has earned it so much applause, both in its fabric and leather versions. At first, both the public and the critics regarded his shar pei folds with suspicion, but time would show that this was simply because it was a model ahead of its time. Still, it was too original to go unnoticed.

The Togo Sofa

After several decades, the Togo sofa, also known as the Ducaroy sofa, not only continues to be the favorite of many buyers around the world but has also earned a place of honor within the iconic designs of the Mid-Century Modern catalog. Its fame and prestige reached so far that, today, it isn’t difficult to come across this magnificent design in incredible places, from the lobby of the Standard Hotel in Hollywood, in Los Angeles, to Lenny Kravitz’s mansion in Paris.

Adding a Togo sofa to your layout configuration is one of the safest bets if you want to make a good and unforgettable impression. Certainly, it’s a piece that any lover of modernism can enjoy, both in a visual and functional sense, since it’s a sofa that’s easily admired and that can provide an outstanding user experience, due to its comfort, ergonomics, and cuddling. It is, in a few words, the model that you were probably needing.

A White Ducaroy Sofa