Togo Sofa: Fabric Vs Leather, Which Is Better?

As you saw in today’s title, we are going to compare two different materials of the same sofa model: the Togo sofa. Although we write “which is better” the truth is that there is no better sofa than another! But we have placed it that way because people often ask themselves that question and don’t realize that the correct question is “which sofa best suits your needs”.

So that’s what we’re going to do today, we’ll show you the advantages of fabric and leather materials to make the process of choosing the sofa easier for you.

Let’s get into it!

Fabric Togo sofa: Pros

  • Perfect for families who don’t really want to create a formal design, so if you want to go for a casual design, fabric materials are right for you.
  • Scratching fabric sofas in the same way that you can scratch leather sofas is almost impossible.
  • You can find more options in color and patterns.
  • Easy to change the upholstery, if the sofa is leather, this becomes more difficult to do.

Click to see the benefits of a leather Togo sofa.

Do you prefer fabric or leather sofas? Comment below!