Togo Sofa: Fabric Vs Leather, Which Is Better? (II/II)

Now, as we have discussed the benefits of fabric sofas, today we will continue to help you in the struggle caused by the selection process between a leather and fabric sofa.

Note: remember that there is no better option than another, what there is a piece that adapts more to your needs than the other.

We will keep the previous example of a Togo sofa, but this time the example will be a leather model. Some of the following features are from general leather sofas and other are only from the Togo sofa.

Leather Togo sofa: Pros

  • When it comes to quality, leather is generally considered at the top of the list. the Togo sofa is upholstered with aniline leather, this is one of the best qualities on the market, giving not only a strong but also natural texture.
  • According to experts, leather sofas can last up to four times longer than a fabric sofa. This benefit is due to the naturalness of the skin, it is resistant but flexible, this translates into a more durable material. So if you want to keep the same sofa for many years to come, a leather Togo sofa or any other leather sofa is the one for you!