Tips To Start Your 2021 Interior Decoration | Modern Sofas & More! (II/II)

In the previous post we talked about how you can start implementing the 2021 trends in your design, we also talked about how a Mario Bellini sofa can help you in the way you do it.

Today we will continue with the simple tips so that you do not have too many problems to start the new year.

The Togo sofa is another option when you want to implement modern vibes

The Togo sofa is almost the definition of modernism, its designer; Michael Ducaroy is really famous for making standout and raucous pieces. It has a very thick and comfortable cushions and it is also fully lined with aniline leather. This is also a modern option but with a boho touch.

Add a mat to complement and adhere to a pattern

As we said in the previous post, we mentioned that the mid-century modern style was the one that has increased in use and will be all the rage next year, so to combine this style the best way to go is by adding a simple accent like a geometric patterned rug with modern colors perhaps mid-century; which are basically yellow, red and brown.

Which 2021 tip was your favorite? Comment below!