The Tulip Table: a Perfect Piece For Lovers of Modernism

Do you dream of the perfect coffee table? Know that it’s not an impossible dream. Not only because the catalog of modern coffee tables is almost infinite nowadays, but also because that diversity is responsible for the fact that there’s practically an ideal design for each person.

In this context, it’s inevitable to mention the Tulip table as one of the most amazing, iconic, and influential coffee tables within the entire group of famous Mid-Century Modern style models. Both furniture design specialists and ordinary users, lovers of these types of pieces, know it: it’s a creation that not only looks good and is aesthetically very versatile but also adapts to different types of environments.

In fact, the Tulip table is not just one, but it’s a collection of different tables with that name since they’re based on the same tulip-shaped structure, but with different sizes, heights, and even colors, like the one black Tulip table, so that users can choose the one that best meets their needs.

Stores like Manhattan Home Design include in their catalog a Tulip table replica of each of the models born from the imagination of the great Eero Saarinen, which means that users can get it on the website at just a fraction of the cost of the original.

Your living room, sunroom, or tea room haven’t yet shown their most modern and sophisticated face! The Tulip table continues to reign as one of the most amazing pieces that you can display in any of your spaces.