The Togo Sofa: The Sofa That Feels Like A Giant Hug

Discover the incredible features that the Togo sofa has to offer!

The Togo sofa or also recognized worldwide as Ducaroy Sofa in honor of its creator Michel Ducaroy, is a sofa with a relaxed and informal appearance that presents one of the thickest cushions in the market.

Its creator Michel Ducaroy, managed to obtain an amazing design where comfort and relaxation were the main objective thanks to the bases he obtained in the School of Fine Arts of Lyon and in the family business specialized in the production of contemporary furniture. . This was also where he managed to receive the fundamentals that allowed his pieces to adapt to the styles of preference at that time; modern and contemporary.

This modern sofa that can be found in fabric or aniline leather, is the representation of a revolutionary model focused on providing comfort and a different look to the usual sofas. By just taking a brief look at the sofa it is possible to perceive how comfortable its cushions are thanks to its ergonomic structure.

An interesting fact about the Togo sofa cushions is that they are filled with multi-density and padded covers that provide the user with a soft but resistant experience. Its structure is simulated as a slightly sloping L shape, so that you feel snuggled while sitting or doing your favorite activity such as watching Netflix series or taking a nap.

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