The Shell Chair Is The Element That Can Complement Any Mid-Century Layout

Surrondings in a family home by @assembledge and @fowlkesstudio. | Photo by @jenniferhughesphoto for @ruemagazine – Instagram

As a personal fan of mid-century furniture when I first saw the shell chair I thought that it was a fittable element in any mid-century layout. To explain this is important to first show you how can recognize a mid-century design or what features it normally offers.

The mid-century features are summarized in the following ones:

  • Simplicity: this style is influenced by minimalism, so the pieces that are cataloged as mid-century modern, normally the appearance is as simple as they can be.

  • Functionality: as this movement surged after the second world war, functionality is a must because at that time there wasn’t enough budget to acquire a lot of furniture pieces.

  • Materials: normally the materials used in this category are plate wood, steel, glass, leather, and a few more affordable components, due to the same aforementioned reason. 

Stunning home by and @sonjahawkins | Photo by: @jackiemeiring – Instagram

Now after looking at the main features of the mid-century modern style, you can see for yourself that the shell chair matches every feature. Its appearance is very simple and chic, it is made with a slightly curved back of molded oak plywood and you can implement it in any room!