The Noguchi Table Is The Amazing Element Your Living Room Needs

Have you thought about the advantages of having a Noguchi table in the center of your living room? It’s not only about adding a highly functional piece of furniture, but you will also be choosing one of the most recognizable, acclaimed, and original tables that appeared in the middle of the last century. Its creator, Isamu Noguchi, was a popular artist and sculptor who also greatly influenced the world of architecture and landscaping thanks to his works. One of the most outstanding characteristics of the Noguchi table is the great artistic load that it has in its structure, taking into account that its hand-carved wooden base is considered a “sculpture for use”.

If you consult a book or an informative website about the descriptions of biomorphism, the Noguchi table is most likely to appear as one of the most exemplary objects within this aesthetic trend. There are replicas of this piece that faithfully reflect each of its most outstanding characteristics. An example of this is the Noguchi table replica by Manhattan Home Design. Having a Noguchi table reproduction in your living room will bring you practically the same benefits as the original piece at a price three or four times lower.

Check out the benefits of having an iconic piece and give your living room a definite touch of Mid-Century Modern style to surprise your friends and family.