The Noguchi Table Is a Perfect Element to Enhance The Originality of Your Living Room

Originality is a highly appreciated aspect of any interior decor. It’s a striking feature that’s present in every detail, from the most abstract to the most obvious and visible. Furniture design, of course, doesn’t escape this reality, and some masterful examples such as the Noguchi table are especially valuable to understand that. First of all, the Noguchi table presents a totally atypical shape that was, in fact, revolutionary in its time. This is not an ordinary rectangular table and neither an oval table. Its strong tempered glass surface features a triangular shape with rounded corners. The surface is also resistant to scratches and bumps.

On the other hand, the base of the Noguchi table is not ordinary at all. Its creator Isamu Noguchi wanted to make sure to present a piece that absolutely didn’t resemble any other that existed up to that moment. In this sense, he more than achieved his objective; more than that, he sat such an impressive precedent that to this day, the table is still considered one of the most typical examples of biomorphism. It’s an astonishing combination of furniture, art, and listed among the most iconic pieces of the Mid-Century Modern style.

You can get a Noguchi table replica at a much lower price than the original and have in your compartment a design that’s considered “sculpture for use”. Place a Noguchi table reproduction in the middle of your living room and get a distinguished and interesting layout that you won’t find anywhere else.