The Mario Bellini Sofa: Perfect Companion For Quarantine Weekends

Scroll down and find out why the Mario Bellini sofa is a perfect companion for quarantine weekends.

This current pandemic caused by COVID-19 has turned the lives of many human beings around the world upside down. Being isolated without being able to go out with the regularity of before has perhaps caused us to create a bit of annoyance by being locked up at home for so long. However, there are good prospects by which this situation can be seen. One of them is that now you have the time to do that renovation or implementation of space that you have wanted so much.

Since these renovations that we put aside are frequently related to entertainment, today we have brought one of the most optimal furniture for the creation of social and entertainment spaces. We are talking about no more and no less than the ergonomic Mario Bellini sofa.

 Down below we have placed most important features of the Mario Bellini sofa:

Cushions: filled with inserted polyurethane foam, forming three dense layers of different thicknesses

Sofa cover: made of aniline leather. It is a “type of leather dyed exclusively with soluble dyes. The dye colors the leather without producing the smooth surface of an insoluble pigmented finish paint or sealer. In addition, it is composed of long-lasting materials that include a coating that resists high temperatures.