The Le Corbusier Loveseat Has The Right Dimensions For Your Small Living Room

Today we will show you one of the pieces from the famous Le Corbusier collection that best suits your small living room.

Small living rooms are often seen as difficult spaces to decorate, but they are not! There are strategies and pieces of furniture suitable to create an optimal and visually attractive space. These two principles were on which Le Corbusier was based.


Le Corbusier is practically considered the father of modernism due to his contributions to this style. He thought that the furniture pieces had to be optimal and attractive enough for the user. This is why he created the LC2 sofa. A sofa that represents both features perfectly. It has a durable cover made of aniline leather and strong support made of stainless steel. But it ‘s not all! It is filled with high-density foam. Even its dimensions are very fittable to small spaces without being functional.

The Le Corbusier loveseat dimensions are the following:

  • Dimensions:26″H x 72″W x 27″D
  • Product Weight:80lbs.

What do you think about this gorgeous and comfy sofa? Comment below if you would like to include it in your living room!