The Flag Halyard Chair: Why Is It So Different From Other Chairs?

Danish Hans Wegner knew he was creating something very special when he conceived the main idea for the Flag Halyard Chair. This chair wouldn’t only become one of the Mid-Century Modern style icons, but it’s also a type of accent chair unique in its style, for its materials, design, and the details that make it a spectacular piece of furniture.

The Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair is highly resistant thanks to its stainless steel structure. However, its designer didn’t want its seat to be made up of typical cushions that he used to place in his models made of wood. It was then that he decided to create a flag line fabric to form the seat and back.

This means that the user experience is very different from that of traditional accent chairs and stuffed cushions used in most highly recognized designs. All this while remaining ergonomic and comfortable.

Products such as the Flag Halyard Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design perfectly respect and emulate the materials and aesthetic aspects of this masterpiece, including its sheepskin cover and leather upholstered pad.

A Flag Halyard Chair reproduction is unlike any other accent chair that you can find in any modern catalog and this is something that you will notice from the first minute you use it.