The Arco Lamp: Your Number One Helper In Your Workshop

Why is it said that the Arco lamp is much more than a fixture or other floor lamps in general? Much has been said about lighting design, its importance, and relevance to both the aesthetic and functional aspects of one space. We know that a basic lighting design falls into three broad categories: ambient lighting, task-based lighting, and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting is present in any type of space but task-based lighting is of vital and special importance in places such as workshops, kitchens, libraries, or any other place where an activity is carried out in which clear lighting is needed.

In other words, based on the above, we can clearly state that the Arco lamp is a very helpful element to reinforce task-based lighting, considering its technical characteristics. After all, it’s a lamp that allows you to redirect the light to the point where you need it most.

The Arco lamp replica from Manhattan Home Design also features this property. Being able to focus the light source on a particular point is a huge advantage for sewists, cooks, people who do manual work such as craftsmen, and even in offices where a lot of paperwork is handled.

The Arco lamp reproduction is much more than that: it’s also a superb piece. Its amazing and elegant Carrara marble base (a component that you won’t find in any other floor lamp) and its arched body that can reach up to 95 inches in height, make it a luxury piece that will give it a masterful touch of style and functionality anywhere in your home, especially in your workshop.