The Arco Lamp: An Amazing Design For Your Industrial-Style Living Room

The industrial style has been gaining more and more acceptance, approval, and popularity. It’s a trend that can be seen frequently in different spaces, especially in wide areas, since this is a decorating style recommended for compartments and large houses. Its rustic materials, large furniture, neutral colors, and finishes reminiscent of a factory or workshop, have attracted the attention of many users. Besides, it’s a versatile style that works well with different elements and designs, from the Arco lamp and other iconic pieces adopted from other trends to metal furniture and minimalist appearance that contribute to give coherence and cohesion to the environment and make it look unified.

The Arco lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design, with its impressive stainless steel arch, is an extravagant and charming addition to your living room decorated in an industrial style. That’s mainly because this is a trend in which metallic accents, reflective surfaces, and minimalist designs have remarkable importance. This Arco lamp reproduction emulates with great fidelity the properties of the original design, presented by the Castiglioni brothers; therefore, it’s a lamp that also allows the light to be directed to the place in the room where the user needs it most. There are lofts and old buildings with ample spaces that, after intense reconstruction work, have been converted into habitable environments thanks to the industrial decorating style.

Get an Arco lamp for your industrial-style living room and discover the advantages of this trend in which you can combine various designs and elements.