The Arco Lamp: a Superior Product In Many Ways

When the Arco lamp first appeared in 1962, it proved to be a masterpiece for several reasons and in different ways, thanks to what its features showed. This piece is much more than a tool to illuminate: it’s also an artifact of great aesthetic value, capable of greatly enhancing the beauty of an environment.

This makes it a perfect example of a design in which function and style amazingly join forces to offer a superior product in many ways. It’s only enough to take a critical look at its impressive base made of authentic Carrara marble to conclude that it’s a unique piece in its style, made to dazzle and to stand out in its technical advantages.

The creators of this wonder, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, sought to create the definitive lamp model that would allow the user to control the flow of light in a very practical and convenient way. A lamp that really can work well in any environment and which shape was also compatible with the decorating styles that were in full swing at the time.

The result was a piece that to this day continues to be the favorite of millions of users and professionals of interior design and décor around the world and represents a discovery for new generations.