The Arco Lamp: a Masterpiece Full of Remarkable Details

The technical and aesthetic characteristics of the Arco lamp make this design a masterpiece of its style and one of the most recognizable products in the category of floor lamps.

The brushed stainless steel reflector measures 11.5 inches at its widest point and allows the light to be directed to the angle desired by the user. The marble base, on the other hand, is a solid piece of 21.2″ x 9.4″ that has a perforation of 2 circumference holes that go through it to facilitate its transfer and handling.

Every detail of this piece is designed for practical and efficient use. However, only its marble base reveals an important sense of greatness and added value of great significance since, in an aesthetic sense, this material expresses power, luxury, and good taste. Carrara marble is not just any type of marble. In fact, it’s a marble highly prized by architects and designers for its physical and aesthetic properties. It’s present in many old buildings of great architectural value, especially in Italy, and even many sculptures by Michelangelo are made of this material. Its name is because it’s extracted from the quarries of the Apuan Alps in Carrara, Italy.

Users would be the first to verify and endorse the technical advantages of this piece. Many people have found the Arco lamp as a source of solutions for their technical lighting difficulties in their spaces.