Technical Aspects That Make Arco Lamp Great

The Arco lamp is one of those legendary artifacts that appeared at the right moment in history when it was needed most. The feat of the Castiglioni brothers was a legacy destined to become part of the collective imagination associated with the explosion of the Mid-Century Modern style as a trend that forever transformed the world of furniture and fixtures.

By then, many different floor lamps already existed and industrial advancements after WWII allowed for their mass production in a fluid and sustained way. However, the new Modernism sought to refine, improve and take to the next level all the aspects that a modern piece could offer.

The Arco lamp was a great achievement, both aesthetically and functionally, considering that it was the first modern lamp designed to comfortably offer overhead light in a way that no other lamp had successfully achieved in the past.

The great difference of the Arco lamp is that it combined attractive materials such as stainless steel and Carrara marble (a combination that still amazes people today). Its wide arc of up to 90 inches in height allowed an innovative effect: keeping the reflector head away from the sturdy base, which gave it the necessary balance and firmness.

This means that the user could move freely around the reflector head without fear of tripping over the base. This represented a solution and a relief for many, many people who didn’t want or couldn’t install a ceiling lamp in their compartments.

Today’s products like the Arco lamp replica faithfully imitate these attributes and emulate the experience left behind by the original design. An Arco lamp reproduction is a valuable design in many ways and for many reasons that it can be an important part of your layout.