Sustainable Home Accents To Match Your Mid-Century Decor (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about what a sustainable product was and we showed you a beautiful and cozy rug that can be combined with a Shell chair or any other similar chair from the middle of the century. Now is the time to show you more elements that can help you to finally complement the interior decoration of the house. Let’s continue!

The second product that we are going to show you is a very striking shelf, but before showing you the photo we would like to mention that this store has a particular objective which is to plant more trees than the wood they use to create their furniture and also donate a part of their earnings to conservation groups. So if you are one of those people who support the conservation of the planet, this is a good option to acquire pieces of decoration.

Striking shelf – Joybird

Source: Joybird

What do you think of this shelf? In case you want to add a reading corner, you can configure it with a piece like the Shell chair. You can also place it at the entrance of your house as a decorative element, and place a couple of photos of your family or a plant that you want to highlight.

What do you think of these accessories? Comment below!