Sustainable Home Accents To Match Your Mid-Century Decor (I/II)

If you are in the process of decorating or just want to add some accessories to your home, go sustainable over traditional! Sustainable products are those that by definition “protect public health, well-being, and the environment throughout their entire life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to the final disposal of the product. This means they avoid chemicals that harm the environment. ” That being said, what better way to fill your home with handmade details that reflect the creativity of the craftsman and are also eco-friendly. It does not matter if you already have your mcm style implemented with mid-century chairs or other pieces of furniture, the accessories that we have listed below flow harmoniously with that style.

Cozy rug – The Citizenry

This store is very famous in the field of eco-friendly products. The company strives to recognize the artisans behind the beautiful products. One of the examples we decided to add to the list is a gorgeous rug, that can be placed with a chair with structure and materials like the Shell chair, since it has wood accents that match perfectly with the rug below:

Source: Citizenry

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