Shell Chair: All About Its History & Features (I/II)

The Shell chair is undoubtedly the most charming Danish piece of the 20th century. While its appeal is the revolutionary three-legged structure, this was one of the features that took it over 35 years to be fully recognized and adored.

This three leg gorgeous beauty has a very interesting history that we would like to share with you. It all comes down to the creativity of the iconic figure Hans J. Wegner, who was the genius behind the Shell chair. The three-legged Shell chair formally appeared in a Danish furniture exhibition in 1963. While its modern and cutting-edge shape dazzled the novice users present that day despite being adored by experts, large-scale manufacturing was stopped!

Fortunately, as Merchant and Makers points out, in 1997 a pair of Shell chairs were sold at Sotheby’s, London, for £ 20,000. His story changed significantly! Returning to mass production, changing its course to success!

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