Shell Chair: All About Its History & Features (I/II)

The structure of the Shell chair is parsimonious but exquisite and abnormal. This uniqueness and gliding delicacy was well known within Scandinavian concepts according to The Method Case.

In addition, it represents concretely and delicately the recognized philosophy of its architect; Hans Wegner, which is based on the following:

“A chair should have no rear view. It should be beautiful from all sides and angles.” 

Obviously, the chair with its notorious and exciting design looks attractive from any point or angle at which it is appreciated. In addition, it has the privilege of being a timeless piece since whatever the era it looks updated.

Its natural curves and lightness were expertly achieved using a wood made from layers of compressed pecan wood in vogue with an oak facade. A range of the chair, with its wing as an allegorical structure, is an unmistakable feature of it, giving it its famous smiling appearance. The three-legged base is another awesome component! These were made with plywood, a very popular material in the years when it debuted.

Did you know about the features and history behind the iconic Shell chair made by Hans Wegner? Comment below if so and if you know of another attractive Scandinavian chair!