Rounded Mid-Century Chairs To Feng Shui Your Living Room (II/II)

We recommend that you read the blog above because you will find plenty of information about what Feng Shui is really about and  Shell Chair is a complete option for Feng Shui in your living room. Now that you have in mind what rounded chairs should look like and why avoid hard edges, it’s time to move on to our list, let’s get started!

Egg chair is an eye-catching option

The Egg Chair is a classic piece that may be very familiar to you because it has been featured in multiple famous movies due to its flamboyant and striking shape. This piece is a pleasure to see because you can even appreciate the effort and dedication that Sarinseen has put into creating it.

The Egg chair has the exact rounded edges you need when Feng Shui your living room is the main goal, normally the rounded edges are needed because you create the illusion of welcome the positive energy and be open to new beginnings.

Note: It is also important to plan where to place strategically the furniture in order to cluttering or close space.

What do you think of these two options of rounded mid-century chairs? Comment below which one was your piece!