Modern Furniture Frequently Asked Questions |Get To Know The Modern LC3 Sofa (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about how network communities have changed this time and which was the most iconic modern chair, which was the one and only LC2 chair made by Le Corbusier.

In this section, we will keep answering a few more doubts about modern furniture 

How does modern furniture look like?

To understand the appearance of modern furniture is important to understand the idea it is based on, this style has created with the objective of having workers working together with craftsmen to create functional furniture that has aesthetics. 

So this is basically a combination of functionality and a touch of art to create the whole structure, a great example of this is the LC3 sofa made by Le Corbusier, which has a very sophisticated and gorgeous appearance together with a functional space to receive few users supporting them in the comfiest way. 

If we summarize the characteristics of modern furniture we will have:

  • Clear lines and geometric figures
  • Material exposure like metals
  • Natural materials
  • Size and functionality

If you notice the LC3 sofa has all of them.

Where can I acquire modern furniture?

Two sites are the most used when it comes to modern furniture, they are:

  • Manhattan Home Design – Low/Medium budget
  • Knoll and Cassina – High budget