Mario Bellini Sofa: Dimensions, Ways To Decorate Around It & More! (I/II)

Planning a living room decor influenced by a designer piece is one of the ways that people begin this process. How exactly do this? Easy! Placing striking designer pieces that have had importance during history due to their classic and desired design just like a Mario bellini sofa.

A sofa is the main element of a living room, this is basically what helps a regular area to become one with a specific objective, in this case; providing an ideal space to be with family and friends which is why a living room exits. This is why you can start planning decor from the principal element; the sofa.

From the sofa, you can obtain the style you will implement, the color scheme, and the art accessories you can place. For example purposes, we have selected the Mario bellini sofa to show you how you can use this strategy. Let’s get started!

First of all, you must know the sofa that you will place as a centerpiece, so we are going to show you what Mario Bellini looks like and measure.


Height: 26.4”, width: 113.4”, depth: 37.8”

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