Le Corbusier Most Interesting Facts | From Its Furniture To His Early years (II/II)

In the previous blog we talked about the most interesting facts in the beginnings of Le Corbusier. Now, we will introduce you to the pieces of the most iconic collection made by Le Corbusier and his two collaborators. Scroll down and get to know the famous LC2 chair!

Le Corbusier used prefabricated furniture for many years in his projects, most of them implementing pieces from Thonet. This changed in 1928 when he began experimenting with interior and furniture design, together with his cousin, Pierre Jeannaret, in addition to the collaboration of the sought-after architect – at the time – Charlotte Perriand. This trio were the masterminds behind the collection that they called cushions baskets.

“I am against the school. I’m going to confess that I dropped out of school at 13 because schools were so bad in the past that they weren’t fun. ”- Le Corbusier on BBC, 1951.

This collection was made up of the following:

  • LC2 chair.
  • LC3 sofa.
  • LC4 chaise lounge.

Within this collection, pieces such as the LC3 sofa and the LC2 chair stand out. In fact, the LC2 chair is arguably the most famous. This was implemented in different houses of famous artists and later in offices and more spaces. Currently it can be seen even in movies like Batman v Superman.