Le Corbusier Furniture: The LC3 Sofa Is The Balance Between Sophistication & Comfort

Sophistication and comfort sometimes are all we want in a furniture piece when we have a minimalist or mid-century modern style in our layouts, but how can you achieve this? Is quite easy, normally it all remains in the focal point you implement in the space you are decorating. For example, if you are decorating a living room, people tend to add as a focal point a sofa because this is where most of the people share their time, resulting in perhaps the most often used piece of the house. 

If this is your case an LC3 sofa is the perfect option for you! This sofa belongs to the collections presented by the Le Corbusier group in 1928 called “cushion baskets”. This collection was a representation of modernism at the moment was created.

The LC3 sofa structure is perfect for elegant places because it is fully upholstered in aniline leather. In addition to this design was made in this way with the main idea to provide comfort from each of its parts.  

One of the most attractive of this sofa is its tubular structure that supports the soft seats and gives them an aesthetic that’s fully compatible with modern styles.