Knowing 5 Types Of Ottomans | Barcelona Ottoman & More

An ottoman is a kind of chair with no back and most of the time without arms. This small and low upholstery seat that’s normally placed in front of sofas, chairs, and tables has been the perfect complement in any living room due to its multiples functions and different kind of touches that provides to the living room vibe.

Since the 19th century, the Ottoman has undergone different changes and transformations causing today there are different types and brands of Ottomans such as the Barcelona Ottoman model. So let’s start by presenting the 5 most recognized types:

Standard – Square and rectangular

How to determine a standard model? This type of ottomans is defined by having a padded surface on a sturdy base, in a square or rectangular shape. Like the Barcelona ottoman that in addition to comfort gives us a comfortable and elegant appearance.

Pouf – Round shapes

You recognize the pouf models because they have very round particular shapes. They perfect for seating while watching a movie with friends or family


Recently this model has exponentially grown its reproduction and popularity. The modular shape lets you place plenty of these in the arrangement that you want; which means they can be freely stacked, arranged, and reused.