How To Clean A Plywood Piece Like The Shell Chair 

Wooden furniture, including plywood pieces such as the Shell chair, is one of the materials which is able to offer not only an exterior beauty but also a low maintenance cost. These pieces normally require little intervention as they are partly sustainable. But! This does not save them from normal furniture wear, although it is not the same as what leather or metal pieces can become, wood or plywood furniture requires some care in order to preserve its appearance.

In general, cleaning plywood is very similar to cleaning normal wood, since these types of wood are currently manufactured in a water-repellent way. That said, here we have listed the necessary products to clean your Shell chair or any other piece made in this material:

  • Surface cleaner
  • Vinegar
  • Degreaser
  • Bleach

As you can see, these products are very easy to find since you can find them in any market. Now, each product has different purposes and importance, but as we are living in a time of pandemic, we recommend that you clean your chair more than a few times with vinegar and bleach. These products have a germicidal effect. Regarding the others, try to use them with a soft cloth and test them on a hidden part of the chair before using it on the whole piece.