How To Choose The Right Sofa? | Regular Sofa: LC2 Sofa

Note: we recommend you to read the previous article about the advantages of acquiring a modular sofa.

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Now that we’ve defined the characteristics of having a modular sofa – in case you haven’t read click the link above – it’s time to talk about the benefits of implementing a regular or one-piece sofa like the LC2 Sofa.

Benefits of having a regular sofa like an LC2 Sofa

  • They adapt to almost any room by increasing the range of seating arrangements.
  • They are made for use in living rooms, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to just using them there, an LC2 sofa can easily be added in a bedroom.
  • They are usually cheaper than a modular sofa. Comparing the previous example; the Mario Bellini sofa replica (3,299 USD) with the LC2 sofa replica ($ 1,349.00 USD), the LC2 sofa is much cheaper than the Camaleonda sofa. Obviously this is due to the dimensions of both sofas, but as you can see if you are on a small budget maybe the regular sofa is the best option for you.

What is your favorite sofa, modular or regular? Comment below which one you prefer!