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Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard Replica 5 best stores

Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard is sure to be one of the most unique, functional and beautiful pieces ever made during the mid-century modern era. Even while its creator is considered as the forgotten children of the MCM era, it has managed to conquer the best seller spot at many stores – including ours.

However, in spite of this piece’s huge popularity and thanks to its design complexity and high-quality materials, it has become a rare furniture icon that’s difficult to find in stores. If compared to their fellow Womb chair or the Eames lounge, you’ll be able to notice that it is no easy task to see a Finn 1955 at any place. Indeed, its appearance is as refined as its fans. As a result, high-quality reproductions stores that do put on their list can be counted with the hands and are hard to find. 

Just like we did with the Womb Chair, today it’s the day we help you get your dream Finn sideboard with these 5 best store lists.

Let’s go!

5 best stores to buy a Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard

Once the danish creator rose to stardom in American design circles, he became inspired by his American colleagues. Up until then, the wood had predominantly been his preferred material but at this time he gradually started experimenting with steel as well.

This gave origin to a new kind of simplicity. Straight lines on his designs became evident. New styles started to feature on his creations, like shining steel frames and wood feet, and then the Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard was born. If it’s the right for you, go get it now in one of the following sites:

House of Finn Juhl

MHD Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard Replica
Source: Finn Juhl

The first place where you should go even if you aren’t going to buy an original is Juhl’s official manufacturers. Why? Because there you will find all the information you need to write down, in order to pick the highest quality replica store out there. Perhaps, the best replicas are the ones who keep the essence of the original design including its dimensions, materials, size, etc. That said, let’s go ahead and talk about this pick. 

House of Finn Juhl opened in 2001 when these guys were trusted with the exclusive rights to manufacture and relaunch the danish sculptural and iconic furniture by his widow Hanne Wilhelm Hansen. Today his unique collection, which consists of more than 40 classic masterpieces, lives in this company by being manufactured with the utmost respect for the original heritage and strict demands for quality. 

As you may have found out, the version you could buy at this store is considered an original. Consequently, it has a price tag that fits Finn Juhl’s size. With this in mind, the main reason why we are mentioning this option on the list, is because it is important to pay tribute to the original design and acknowledge its features and characteristics, as we already said, even if we’re getting a replica.  We’ll promise, knowledge will save you from getting scammed. 

Check it out here!

My deal

MHD Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard Replica 2
Source: My Deal

We told you! Finding this masterpiece is not easy at all. In fact, for our next choice, we had to go all the way to Australia to meet My deal. 

My Deal is an Australian retail marketplace, that exists to connect millions of consumers with thousands of Australian retailers. Dedicated to providing goods with great prices since 2011. Very similar to our beloved Amazon. 

This store version costs under $1,500 but even though they have years selling within the state, you’ll have to pay for the shipping. Increasing the numbers almost $1000 away from the original price. In addition, it’s all craft only using finish wooden, which is not bad, but it avoids the metal detail, which is crucial for the original design. 

Take a look at it, here!

Manhattan Home Designs

MHD Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard Replica 3
Source: Manhattan Home Design

MHD is a high-quality knock-off store that strives to bring to its international clientele, the best mid-century modern furniture replicas at an accessible price.

Contrasting cold steel with vibrant colors and a natural wood frame, our Juhl replica is modeled after the classic Danish modern style with brilliantly simple metal imprints. Expertly manufactured with a veneered frame in walnut, the version is positioned on a hand-burnished steel frame with wooden feet. 

Additionally, its powder-coated chrome steel base incorporates solid walnut wood dowel pin legs to produce a durable foundation that holds the whole structure. This version, just like the original, features 2 easy-glide slippery doors which open up 2 compartments, one open and another 2 adjustable shelves, finished by six stylish drawers painted with Goethe’s color chart in a very harmonious cohesion. 

In resume, thanks to its versatility, clean lines, sleek design and plenty of storage, this Finn Juhl 1955 sideboard replica is perfect to provide style and functionality to any room.

Matt Blatt

MHD Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard Replica 4
Source: Matt Blatt

Matt Blatt is a very creative Australian online store which, as read in their description, “rather die than be dull (well, near enough) and are all about creating happy spaces and happy experiences”. They believe they’re not just in the furniture business, but in the entertainment business. 

Want to join the group? 

Their replica Finn Juhl Sideboard is three pieces of furniture in one (at least). It features reversible doors that can go from citrus brights and white to classic oak or walnut, as well as striking multi-colored ombre drawers that can be shown off or kept secretly behind closed doors.

Just like My deal one, It doesn’t include metal details and it’s not free shipping to the use. Also, is a bit more expensive than the second option, yet, less than the original. 

Rove Concept

MHD Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard Replica 5
Source: Rove Concepts

RC, according to their site, is a curated and crafted experience store that connects design with individuals who seek it. It was founded in the Pacific Northwest in 2011 and grew from a desire to modernize the furniture industry, focusing on quality and contemporary design. 

The 1955 famous cabinet found in their store is similar to MHD, but it’s smaller, doesn’t include steel details and it’s not free shipping. 

Go see it yourself, here!

What are you waiting to own yours?

Go get the best high-quality replica of the USA market now, here on Manhattan Home Design!


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