Create A Reading Spot With A Barcelona Bench

Do you love reading? If yes, scroll down this may interest you!

Reading is the exercise for the brain, this activity involves several brain functions, including visual and auditory processes, phonemic awareness, fluency, comprehension, and more. That’s why is very important taking a few hours of the day to exercise our brain.

Like exercise, we go to the gym to have the best machines and equipment to train our body, for reading we also need a comfortable and adequate place.

To have the best possible alignment while reading, Dr. Heller recommends “sitting up as much as you can, rather than reading while lying down, and having your legs straight out if you’re in bed”. We all know that if we are in bed this difficult to follow, but that when it comes to the Barcelona bench.

The Barcelona bench is the perfect furnishing to creating the spot for reading because it will force you to maintain your back straight and your legs touching the ground. Among this, it has an outstanding design made by the famous Mies van der Rohe architect. 

This piece features beautiful, genuine Italian leather covering the exterior and leather is also used in the fasteners that wrap around the frame.