Comparing 2 Mid-Century Chairs Icons: The Shell Chair & The Womb Chair (II/II)

In the previous blog we talked about one of the icons of the mid-century style: the Womb chair. Now is the time to continue with our comparison, where we will present in this opportunity the aerodynamic and elegant Shell chair made by Hans J Wegner.

Shell chair

The Shell chair was designed in 1963 with three legs proving to be an avant-garde piece and presenting itself as an innovative option. This chair has a comfortable structure that also makes it look beautiful from all angles. At the time of design, the production of formed laminated sheet metal was still extremely rare.

Although the Shell chair was considered an innovative piece, this also worked against it in some way, as it was not fully appreciated until more than three decades after its original design, when it became an accent chair highly requested by different people. styles such as mid-century and Scandivian. Now it is also recognized for being the chair that smiles, this nickname is attributed to its curved lines of the seat.

So as you can see these two icons have things in common such as there were innovative designs and they offer incredible comy structures. Comment below which one is your favorite!