Comparing 2 Mid-Century Chairs Icons: The Shell Chair & The Womb Chair (I/II)

In today’s blog we will proceed to buy two of the largest icons in the mid-century modern style. We are talking about the renowned Shell and Womb chair. These two pieces representative of an era and created by two of the most influential designers within this style created more than 50 years ago, continue to top the lists of timeless furniture successes. Let’s start comparing the designs of Eero Saarinen and Hans J Wegner!

Womb chair

This piece was designed at the request of Florence Knoll -owner of the Knoll Furniture company- where it required an enveloping and extremely comfortable chair. Eeron came with more than requested! Since the Womb chair is composed of a plush upholstered structure, armed to facilitate a practically lying posture, providing lumbar comfort and a feeling of security.

With its cradle shape designed for a relaxed seating position, the Womb chair is the ideal piece for a modern living room or office, acting as a decorative and even functional piece since it can be used as a support when working or it can even be implemented in a quiet corner where you can take a nap.

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