Classic Leather Sofas That Are Perfect For Small Living Rooms (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about why the Le Corbusier or LC3 sofa is a perfect choice when you want a brown three-seat sofa, but what if you like a two-seater sofa more but are still drawn to this modern look? Well, let me tell you that Le Corbusier had that same thought and that is why he created another version or item for his collection of cushion baskets. The piece we are talking about is called the LC3 loveseat sofa, which looks like the following image:

As you can see in this version of black aniline leather, it looks quite similar to the sofa in the previous blog but this loveseat, as its name says, only has two seats. This option is perfect when you want to complement with an accent chair or a lounge chair. It will give you space for up to three people and you can implement another piece in your living room.

The Florence Knoll sofa

This is also a classic option but with a different style; mid-century one. It offers the same materials than the previous one but with a different structure.