Classic Leather Sofas That Are Perfect For Small Living Rooms (I/II)

Having a small house or apartment can sometimes become a bit tedious because not all furniture pieces usually adapt to this type of dimensions. This is why when selecting the main elements of your living room such as the sofa, you must be attentive to whether the piece will really be functional for your space or not.

One of the sofas that are often seen a lot in living rooms are modern leather sofas. These sofas are considered classics due to how attractive and functional they are for many people; including owners of small spaces. Today we will show you some of the most adaptable modern leather sofas that exist for narrow living rooms. Swipe down and choose your favorite!

The Le Corbusier Sofa or LC3 Sofa (three-seats)

This classic piece is part of the collections presented as “cushion baskets” by the one and only father of modernism: Le Corbusier. This is nothing more than a piece based on modernist principles which has an optimal structure and externalized frames with stainless steel which make it a stylish and comfortable piece at the same time. Perfect for small spaces as it offers enough seats in quite adaptable dimensions.

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