A Womb Chair & These Tips Is All You Need For Your WFH Setup! (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about what WFH means and what is the first step you must follow in order to create an optimized place for this specific purpose. Today we are going to continue with the same topic but this time we will talk about some of the essentials for any office.

Get to know the Womb chair and anchor term!

Add your Essentials around your anchor | You can opt for a lounge-type like the Womb chair

According to Leyden Lewis, an adjunct professor at The New York School of Interior Design and founder of his eponymous design studio, said that when adding the essentials you have to do it around an anchor. An anchor can be any focal point with eye-catching ends, architectural features, a lounge chair like the Womb chair, or even a plant! You have to select it according to your home design

On the other hand, if you own a small place and don’t have this kind of anchor at your house, it’s all right! You can work with more simple things like a desk or a chair. If the chair is a striking piece just like the Womb chair, it will be more than enough!

Among this, adding good lighting, a neutral color palette, and implementing a harmonious vibe will be the final touches to finish your workspace.