A Couple Of Considerations You Should Take Before Setting Up Your Home Office (II/II)

In the previous blog we talked about how to strategically choose your space for home office, now is time to share with you some other helpful tips and showing you how the Womb chair can help with the home office decoration. Let ‘s continue!

Consider all the activities before decorate

By this I mean that you must have a suitable configuration for all the activities related to the work that you are going to perform. For example, your desktop should be able to cover all the elements necessary for your work; such as a laptop, monitor, pencils, sheets, and other necessary utensils.

Configure a relaxing corner

This might sound useless at the beginning but is not! Many studies has demonstrated that taking breaks during work hours increases productivity and help with focusing, in fact, a study from University of Illinois has shown the following benefits of taking breaks:

  • Breaks help you to process and retain information.
  • You’ll get a better sense of the bigger picture.
  • You’ll be more creative.
  • Taking regular breaks helps you be more productive.

That being said, you can use a Womb chair to recreate a comfy and relaxing corner.