3 Accessories You Can Add To Your Modern Sofa This Christmas (I/II)

Christmas is here! It is almost magical to see how the environment changes drastically and you begin to perceive lights in the streets, Christmas trees everywhere, and if you are lucky; snow everywhere.

Therefore, to enjoy this beautiful season it is important to configure the interior design of your home, this way you can fully enjoy this magical season and really embrace the cozy and family vibes.

Today we have summarized a few simple ways to enhance your living room, specifically your modern sofa. As an example, we have taken the Togo sofa as a model to show you the arrangements you can do. 

Scroll down and choose your favorite! 

  1. Add blankets to your modern sofa to offer a warm support 

If you are one of the lucky people who live in countries where the snow comes out in December, you will notice cold days, so to stay warm try adding blankets on your modern sofa, this way you will also fully enjoy the weather.

Take a look at this example of a decorated Togo sofa:

Styling by Ruth Welsby.

Photos by Tom Blachford.

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