4 Interesting Facts About Le Corbusier Furniture Collection & Collaborators: Materials & More

This is the second chapter of a series divided into two parts. We recommend that you consult the previous one to know the historical background of Le Corbusier.

Following the point, we mentioned before, yes! He was not alone in designing the entire collection. The team behind the Le Corbusier sofa and the entire collection was nothing more and nothing less than Charlotte Perriand and his cousin; Pierre Jeanneret.

2. This collection has very similar details, which are: exposed stainless steel frames, Leather, and straight lines. These are the general features that made this collection a modern one. 

3. The proportion of the pieces of furniture like the LC2 chair are defined by mathematical concepts learned from Da Vinci. Yes! Le Corbusier was a follower of Da Vinci’s work, so included its concepts to create a perfect and aesthetic element.

 “Chairs are architecture, sofas are bourgeois.”

– Le Corbusier.

4. Another inspiration that Le Corbusier took was the idea of seeing houses as a machine. That is why it is well known that the collection is quite functional and simple, everything to make the “machine” in this case the house, to be the most optimal and efficient.