5 Tips To Follow When Choosing Curtains, Having A Barcelona Sofa

Curtains are one of the most varied elements in a living room. You can find from monochromatic and simple to striking colors, or from floral prints to geometric and abstract figures.

Having many designs to choose from sometimes makes the situation a bit more difficult. Creating a balanced design by yourself, and not with the help of a designer, with perfect details that come together and have the same essence is what every homeowner wants to do. So to help you in this process, we created this short guide!

Here are a couple of good tips to follow.

  1. Choose your style! Choosing your style will help you save time when choosing patterns and colors. For example, if you have a Barcelona sofa, you may currently have a mid-century modern look. Define it before you start!
  2. Select three colors: examine your room and try to choose three of them that are in and near the Barcelona sofa.
  3. After that, do some research before purchasing, save a few different patterns – on your phone or laptop – and present them near the furniture to get a better idea.
  4. Final Tip: When owning a Barcelona sofa, which is a bold, solid-colored piece of furniture, try to select patterns with vibrant colors. By doing this, those patterns or shapes would create a nice focal point in the room.