5 Practical Tips To Correctly Care For Your Modern Sofa

The reasons why your modern sofa is considered a key piece of your living room are obvious, and very valid. Therefore, it will always be worth it that you can keep it in good condition, making the best of its aesthetic and functional appearance. This will ensure much longer durability and save you the need to change it for a long time. To take maximum care of your midcentury sofa, these are some of the tips that you can apply to keep it clean and beautiful:

  • Get a fabric shampoo. This is especially recommended for removing liquids from light-colored fabric upholstery. For dark upholstery, benzine is more appropriate.
  • Grease stains from your modern sectional can be removed more easily if you use talcum powder. Remember that the faster you clean them, the less grease the fabric will absorb, and you’ll get better results. If you can waterproof the upholstery, these risks will be less.
  • Leather sofas usually only require soap and water in small amounts to remove stains. Sometimes just a little water is enough.
  • The location of the sofa is directly related to the amount of dust that it can absorb. Remember to vacuum it once a week if it’s near an outdoor area like the garden or terrace. If it’s very close to a window, you may need to vacuum it more than once.
  • People sometimes have the habit of always sitting in the same seat on the sofa, and this can deteriorate the foam quickly if you’re the only person using the piece. Alternate the seats you use so as not to degrade just one of the cushions and maintain a balance in use.

Remember that the best sofas are known not only for their materials but also for their aesthetic style. Follow these practical tips, and your model will last much longer.