4 Interesting Facts About Le Corbusier Furniture Collection & Collaborators: Meet Corbusier

Get to know the creator of the LC2 chair and collaborators!

Le Corbusier’s furniture and life are very interesting and quite dramatic. As an influential icon of modernism, it is very important to know its backstory and the collaborators who created this revolutionary collection.

First, let me introduce you -in case you don’t know about him- who Le Corbusier was. He was a Swiss architect, urban planner, painter, writer, designer, and theorist, active mostly in France. Yes, he was like the god of the arts at that time!

He grew up surrounded by artists since within his family there were various professionals in different areas. The most relevant probe of this is his father who was an artist who painted 

spheres of the famous watch industry of the city, and his mother Jeannerct-Perrct, who dedicated her life to teaching piano and music. Not only was this a great influence on their love for the arts, but it was also their culture, beliefs such as Calvinism, and the adventurous mindset of all members.

Now that we introduced you to who Le Corbusier was, is time to know the interesting facts about it!

  1. He didn’t design the whole collection on his own, click to see who the Le Corbusier other contributors were.