4 Black Friday Lamp Deals To Match Your Florence Knoll Sofa (II/II)

We recommend that before continuing to review the previous article where you can see when Black Friday is celebrated in addition to another good option of a lamp to buy on Black Friday.

Another great option to enhance or accent a beautiful and classic furniture piece like the Florence Knoll sofa, is the following lamp:

Adornments Console Table, Lamp, Mirror

Source: Walmart

This three-piece set; Console, lamp and mirror, can enhance any entryway or any office desk creating a bright and peaceful place. The discount is absolutely incredible and we are sure you don’t want to miss out!

“The mirror and lamp all have matching material that will add a tasteful touch to your decor style”.

Products dimensions:

Table: 32 L x 15 W x 32 H

 Lamp: 13 L x 13 W x 31.5 H

 Mirror: 16 L x .1 W x 24 H

Meridian Jumbo Pendant & Castle Pendant Lamps

Our third and fourth lamp options are different from the others because they are ceiling lamps. These lamps can be placed above the Florence sofa to make the design of the living room more eye-catching. They also have an incredible 30 and 50% discount!

Source: LUMENS