3 Trends For 2021 That Will Make You Love Mid-Century Modern Furniture (I/II)

2020 is already part of the past because we only have a few days to finish it. This is actually what most people wanted due to the chaos that this particular year brought, but hey! Not everything is bad, because within this chaos there is always new teaching and what matters most to us, lovers of interior design, a new trend.

The new trends for 2021 are things that you have probably seen before such as a Florence Knoll sofa or perhaps soft colors, today we will show you exactly the approach that will be given next year to new designs.

Multifunctional spaces

This specific trend was born in part due to the increase in home offices and also due to a large amount of time we are currently spending in our homes. For this and more, we need to meet different needs in one place.

For example, in a living room, you can also set up your own home office or homework spaces for the children. Multifunctional spaces also involve multifunctional furniture, such as the Florence Knoll sofa that you may not see at first glance but can function as a family sofa and even a bed when a guest is staying due to its spacious structure.

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