3 Things You Didn’t Know About Modern Furniture (I/II)

Get to know why the Le Corbusier sofa is an iconic piece within modernism and more facts about the furniture in this field.

Modern furniture is a very particular style that dates back to the early twentieth century but is currently one of the most requested by interior designers since it is the style that pleases families and people who are thinking of buying/redecorating a house. 

Modern furniture draws people’s attention quite a bit as it has a very versatile and adaptable style. If you realize when you see just a couple of designs, you will be able to notice the influences behind it; such as minimalism, smooth surfaces, clean and straight lines, warm color palette among others. These designs are very interesting due to its current boom, that is why today we have brought you a series of curious facts about this category of furniture. Keep reading and tell us which one is your favorite!

Le Corbusier and its colleagues are considered as the fathers of modernism

Modern furniture would not exist without the foundations left by the great minds of the Bauhaus school of design. These include Le Corbusier, who in his time made great contributions not only to architecture but also to furniture design.

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