3 Things You Didn’t Know About Modern Furniture (I/II)

In the previous blog, we gave you a short introduction about what modern furniture is and we explained why the Le Corbusier sofa is an icon within this category. Now, is time to get to know the other curious facts behind modern furniture, let’s begin!

Modern furniture use non traditional materials

This type of furniture uses non-traditional materials such as plywood and steel. Among this, you can easily find pieces that are made of fiberglass, cast aluminum, and acrylics. Besides this, within this field you will only find pieces with straight and clean lines. 

Modern pieces emerged in the industrial revolution

Believe it or not, before creating pieces similar to Le Corbusier’s sofa, furniture was used for the sole purpose of decorating, in addition, they took a long time to create and this depended on the value and desirability of the piece. It was then that the modernist movement wanted to change this, wanting to create optimal and ergonomic pieces where the materials were simpler and more functional so that the pieces were accessible to the common human being.