3 Ideas To Add A Togo Sofa To Your Living Room | Taken From Pinterest (II/II)

Note: we recommend you read the previous article in order to understand better the ideas placed in this article.

Now that we have described some of the main characteristics of the Togo sofa, below we have put together a couple of ideas for you to take as inspiration and add the Togo sofa replica to your living room or the accessories that you will see around it.

Perfect for a nerdy corner

As this sofa is extremely comfortable – which can be deduced at first glance due to its large cushions – and perfect to sit for hours while reading your favorite book. So basically, if you’re the nerd in your family, you need a piece like this!

Add them near your books and magazines!

Credit: A Love is Blind

Include it in your minimalist design

Believe it or not, although minimalism is about: less is more, this masterpiece is very nestable in simple and functional design as a minimalist, if you don’t believe me take a look at the following example.

Credit: Aprenderingstudio

It flows very naturally with the other modern sofas, only three pieces, and painting can turn the room into magazine design.

Can it be added to a Boho design? Of course it can!

This is the latest example to convince you that the Togo sofa replica is the versatile piece you need!

Credit: Elle

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